Refunds for customer purchases will be allowed where either an ebook is damaged on our server and we can not repair it and thus make it available to the customer or the content of the ebook is subtantially different to the content advertised through its blurb, genre classifications and the supplied extract, bearing in mind that we allow only two genres to be selected for a given title so other genres may also apply that could not be selected by the author.


All books available on this site are electronic books (ebooks) and are available for download after purchase. All customers of the site who are members (which is free) will have any ebook(s) purchased, added to the Member's bookshelf/library immediately on completion of the purchase. If the customer is not a member they will be emailed a download page which will be active for approximately 24 hours. It is the customer`s responsibility to actually download any books purchased - though we do provide a facility to send a book to a Kindle device at the time of purchase wecannot guarantee that Amazon will deliver it to your device. Please contact our webmaster if the ebook(s) purchased do not appear in your member bookshelf upon completion of payment.